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Why DivNet?

Established in 1987, DivNet has built a reputation as a leader communications. To maintain this leadership role, DivNet focuses on guiding our customers so they maximize their investment in communications solutions. To provide proper guidance, we must know about state-of-the-art solutions, as well as historically based solutions. We have the knowledge, and experience provide the valuable guidance for strategic communications solutions.

All in one provider

DivNet's talented personnel allow us to deliver communications solutions to our customers as one team, not having to outsource our work. When you work with DivNet you are truly working with DivNet.

Talented Personnel

Over the years DivNet has developed an organization steep in integrated communications talent. This valuable expertise in voice, data, video, technologies are essential to our existence.

Commitment to the Rural Market Place

Divnet defines the rural market to be cites with a population under 100,000, that are not suburbs in major metropolitan areas. Divnet focuses on the rural market, concentrating our products and services to fit the needs of the rural customer. Our competitors, large solution providers, do not care to operate in these smaller markets.

The Divnet Process

The Divnet process is simple and straight forward. Relationship based services, where the relationship is reciprocal. Our responsibility in the relationship is to not let our customers down, in any aspect, at any time.

We Use the Same Services That We Sell

In our business you are only as good as your reputation. We believe a strong component of our reputation is living and breathing the same solutions we are offering to our customers. To make sure we know what we are providing we use the products and services we sell ourselves.


Since 1965, members of our leadership team have focused on levering existing and emerging technologies. Beginning with some of the first mainframe based 'on-line' solutions, all the way to today's communications technologies which touch nearly every man, woman and child.

Strong Partnerships

By focusing our efforts on major solution providers we are able to nurture partnerships that involve historic working relationships. These long term relationships allow us to understand the working relationships with our partners that are necessary to deliver quality service and support. Microsoft, Avaya and Revation are examples of solution providers that offer complete communications solutions.


Founded by the legendary communications and networking entrepreneur Gary Goll, Senior, Divnet has had a successful track record through the years. A successful track record, such as Divnet's, requires a strong foundation of business knowledge and entrepreneurial success, accompanied with a responsible fiscal policy.