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Divnet specializes in communications solutions for enterprises. For more than 27 years we have worked hard to offer the most cost-effective, best products and services available in the industry.

We are fortunate to have an extremely talented group of people. In our ever changing world of technology, staying current with valuable products and services can only be accomplished by such a talented team of people.

Our goal is to protect your investment. We strive to give you the best performing; longest lasting, most reliable solutions your valuable money can buy. Many of our relationships span our entire existence. We offer this as proof of our sincere commitment in your investments.

We thank you for your interest, and we invite you to look further. You can learn more about us, our products and services from our web site. Or you can contact us directly through the chat links on our web site.

We hope that you like what you find.

Gary F. Goll


Cragun's Resort & Hotel on Gull Lake

Cragun's is excited to announce that we have deployed the latest wireless technology across our entire resort. Our new wireless network provides the performance and reliability expected today by guests. The high-performance all 802.11n indoor/outdoor wireless network has resulted in 10x speed increase with 4x better Wi-Fi coverage compared to our previous wireless network. This allows guests the ability to access the wireless everywhere on the resort--from meeting rooms to the guest rooms to the beach. In order to handle the large groups with multiple wireless devices, we have placed high density wireless access points in each of the conference rooms, pool area and the sports center. In addition to the wireless network upgrade, the gigabit network infrastructure and high speed fiber internet connectivity allows us to handle heavy network traffic for large conferences.

Cargill Investment Services (911 Emergency Response in Manhattan)

I am writing to thank you on behalf of everyone at Cargill Investor Services for connecting the computer and telephone systems at our temporary offices at Cargill Citro Pure, Excel and Greenwich Marine in New Jersey. The R.V. transporting Lynn Yetter and the Diversified team to each location has become a CIS legend. Last week was a very difficult time for CIS and our New York office in particular. The determination and 'can do' attitude of Diversified was an inspiration to us all. Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone at your company.

With regards

James Davison
Cargill Investor Services Inc.

Lakewood Health Systems (Fully Meshed, Geographically Redundant, Phone System Upgrade)

Thanks for all your hard work and late/early hours with the phone system upgrade. For the complexity of the upgrade, the end user issues seemed minimal to me.

Awesome job!

Jeff Osegard